Bitspark Implements Clef, ‘Authentication From the Future’

Bitspark has already made some impressive announcements this year, and are keeping the momentum going by adding enhanced security with innovative two-factor authentication from Clef. Currently powering over sixty thousand websites, Clef takes the traditional method of logging-in and transforms it into a simple, secure, and innovative experience.

- George Harrap, Bitspark CEO

The Clef ‘Two-Factor Authentication From the Future’ login process is described as ‘magical’, and with good reason. Gone are the days of ‘passWORD1’ for random login names, or attempting to remember different passwords for each site - which is good security for practice. Clef provides a wall of advanced cryptography in place of old user identification systems.

The ease of use is what makes Clef truly remarkable. Users now have a faster process for logging in, that includes the most serious standards of security in a speedy and painless interaction. Utilizing a smartphone camera, and private keys that never leave the phone, the app synchronizes using an animation called the Clef Wave. This exchanges a pair of public and private keys and completes the login, which is controllable from the app even after you leave the computer. The CEO of Bitspark George Harrap explains, “Our whole team got excited about the technology and the integration was really quick.”

Users interested in Clef will be happy to know that the service will always be free. All that is required is a quick app download from either the Android or Apple app store. Benefits are not unique to consumers, as businesses will see that 50% of users on average will choose Clef’s increased security compared to the 1% of traditional two-factor authentication methods.

“It is absolutely critical that we find ways to make Bitcoin useful to more people, and I’m excited that Clef can help make that happen,” stated Brennen Byrne, CEO and co-founder of Clef. Although Clef was not designed specifically for digital currencies, Byrne talks of Bitcoin as if he’s fully invested, “We need to be building security that is approachable and that people actually have access to, because that's the only way we're ever going to succeed as an ecosystem.”

- Brennen Byrne, Clef CEO

This announcement comes shortly after Bitspark added multi-signature security to their website via a partnership with BitGo. The companies commitment to trust and transparency is demonstrated by its secure offline storage, and up-to-date audits of reserves. The remittance company recently expanded into Australia. “So we have Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and we can remit either way whether it is to or from the destination country. We're going to be opening up more pretty soon,” explains Harrap, “That's where we see the growth coming from really.”

Having secure platforms for Bitcoin use is crucial to its success. Bitspark exemplifies a situation where the innovations found in Bitcoin can disrupt an industry, and Clef provides an innovative security partner.