Bug Exposes Users Private Keys

block quote 1While a developer was making a scheduled update to the code of’s bitcoin wallet, a bug was unintentionally created which caused the private keys of addresses made and used during the hours of 12:00 am and 2:30am GMT on December 8th vulnerable to hackers.

The developer mistakenly altered’s random number generator, the piece of code responsible for generating private keys. As a result addresses generated during the time were compromised and easily hacked, and private keys were exposed. With the private key in public view, any bitcoins remaining in the wallet were at risk of being stolen.

Thieves took advantage of the weak and vulnerable private keys to go on a spree of robberies, but not all of the thieves had malicious intentions. One user on the popular bitcoin forum,, going by the account name, Johoe, said he was testing for bitcoin wallets with weak transaction signatures at the time of the bug and discovered over 1,000 addresses affected by this bug. Knowing thieves would find out soon and go on a bitcoin snatching marathon, he swiped the coins himself so he could prevent real thieves from stealing them and keep the coins in the hands of their rightful owners by returning them.

Not all affected users were so lucky to have their bitcoins stolen from “good” thieves. Redditor anatarious_m claimed 99 bitcoins were stolen from his wallet after he made a transaction at 00:50:03 GMT - 50 minutes into the time the bug was active. His bitcoins were transferred to a wallet whose owner’s identity is unknown. has already started efforts to undo the finanical damages and regain the public’s trust. Speaking with BNC News,’s CEO Nicolas Cary said a email was sent out users verified email address right after the bug was found informing them about the situation. He also mentioned that his support team is working overtime to deal with this issue and all support tickets will be answered.

Not all of the bitcoins they will be reimbursing will be coming out of their own pocket, some stolen bitcoins have been returned to the company. Johoe has confirmed he transferred the over 200 bitcoins he swiped from the weak addresses affected by the bug to Now in’s control, they will be used in their reimbursement efforts.

This debacle comes fresh off the heels of another security disaster. Last week BNC News reported about a string of thefts affecting users who were connecting to the online wallet service over the anonymity network, Tor. Tor users were having their bitcoins stolen by hackers running malicious exit nodes (the point of the Tor network where the user leaves the network and connects with the regular web). They were able to get the users’ private keys when users connected through the bad nodes to’s clearnet website. While most of the amounts stolen were relatively small, one user claimed 63 bitcoins stolen, and another claimed 100. fixed the problem a few days later by launching a Tor version of their website - allowing users to stay within the network and avoid potenially malicous exit nodes.

If you are one of the affected users who is either trying to get a refund or has got one, please contact the reporter for this story at [email protected]


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