Crypto Community Pulls Through

water projectIn 2014 the Worldcoin community funded a water well in Africa, donations were welcomed in both Worldcoin and Bitcoin.

- Kevin Quasarano

The Worldcoin Water Well project almost ran aground when the project leader Brandon Brown disappeared without a trace, along with the charitable funds.

– Worldcoin Alliance

Similar scenarios, such as the incident at Moolah, have seen companies disintegrate quickly and court cases erupt. The Worldcoin team has taken the road less travelled.

Johnny Beer became involved with Worldcoin as a forum moderator for what was then known as the Worldcoin Foundation. Beer explains that it was the banding together of the Worldcoin community and the creation of a new Worldcoin Alliance that drove the success of the well project.

“Nathan Gudmunson, founder of scharmbeck and part of the old Worldcoin [committee] donated $5786.50 expecting to be refunded by Brandon Brown” said Beer, “We really wanted to get the project done. Even though we didn’t start it, we had to finish it,” said Beer.

Kevin Quasarano, part of the rebranded Worldcoin Alliance took over lead of the project and committed himself to donation matching over $1000. According to Beer this encouraged the Worldcoin community to donate a further $3000.

In a January press release announcing the completion and handover of the water project Quasarano stated, “I am personally thrilled with this project. Clean water should not be a luxury! Everyone should have access to this essential resource. Most of us assume that clean water is everywhere, but this is not the case. I applaud both The Water Project and the Worldcoin community for making this happen in Imulama. I can assure you, that you have all been a part of changing peoples lives for the better in this community.”

It appears the new moto of the Worldcoin Alliance is transparency. Given their rocky start, yet successful come back, the focus of the team is ensuring the community can trust and believe in Worldcoin.

The newly rebranded Alliance has posted a road map on the website, and the Worldcoin blockchain is now accessible to the public. “As soon as you hide anything, questions will come up and rehash the past, people won’t trust us anymore,” explained Beer.

With a brighter future, and the possibility of expanding to Worldcoin Global, the team have turned their attention to developing the altcoin. “An issue that has been faced by many developers is that they are required to understand crypto related coding in order to get their shoe in the door. “[Mario Blacutt], our lead developer is implementing framework for a modular wallet so that plugins can be developed without touching any of the Worldcoin core,” says Beer.

Blacutt owns a software company based out of Bolivia, and is harnessing all his resources to develop the wallet, WorldcoinBC. “[Blacutt’s] training up some of his own staff to develop further” explains Beer, “So plugins can be created without having to know any cryptocurrency related coding,”

Weekly announcements by the Worldcoin team will be made to keep the public up to date with further in house developments.

- Beer

This in turn removes the necessity for the Worldcoin Alliance to commit to IPO’s or crowdfunding down the road.  “It helps as we’re not reliant on anyone, we can keep going regardless of what happens now,” says Beer.