Philippe Gablain

Phillipe is a Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Product Officer for the Impak Finance. The Canadian Company aims to connect savers and investors who dream of a better world with entrepreneurs and companies working for its sustainable transformation. The independent venture offers loans and investments dedicated exclusively to the Canadian impact economy. The companys collaborative financial ecosystem relies on participation of Canadians, local initiatives, advanced technology, and transparency. A first in Canada, Canadians can become responsible players in their own financial ecosystem using the platform.


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1306, 2017

Blockchain: the age of maturity

|13 Jun 2017|News|

When it comes to blockchain, geeks are quickly reaching “The DAO” point, sort of a Godwin point, but for technology. At a period where blockchain experiments of new organizations were abounding, The DAO experiment sounded like the end of the “summer of love”.

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