William Mougayar

Entrepreneur, venture advisor, angel investor, mentor, curator, blogger, professional speaker, thought leader, board member, marketer and strategist. Founder of Startup Management. Previously: Hewlett-Packard, CYBERManagement, Aberdeen Group, Cognizant, Eqentia, Engagio, Influitive. Author of 2 books. Follow him on twitter: @wmougayar and on AngelList.


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301, 2015

Blockchain Apps: Moving from the Jungle to the Zoo

|3 Jan 2015|News|

As 'Decentralization' becomes a Buzzword, the differences between 'Blockchain Apps' and 'Decentralized Apps' require some classification. End-users want to know: 'What is the benefit to me?' & 'Why should I participate?' Understanding the differences becomes all the more important for consumer-focused 'bitcoin companies'.

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