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FivebalanceUSA officially relaunches its crypto self-improvement mobile app

FiveBalanceUSA is a crypto startup company that has developed a unique self-improvement application that is available free on the Google Play store. The app intends to serve people dealing with depression, by rewarding them with FBN cryptocurrency upon achieving their personal customized goals in 5F categories - Fit, Financial, Family, Flair, and Faith.

Depression and mental health problems are no longer trivial issues and are very prevalent in people of all ages worldwide.* According to the World Health Organization, depression is a leading cause of disability and has a life-altering effect. Severe depression can result in suicide, a leading cause of death in teenagers and people in their twenties.

Depression is caused by a complicated interaction of social, psychological, and biological factors. Still, the condition is manageable by personal efforts, proper guidance, and using prevention techniques. These methods can lead to self-improvement, and everyone dealing with this situation can live a dignified life. FivebalanceUSA’s mission is to support all these people who desire to have a prosperous and productive life.

What is FiveBalanceUSA?

FivebalanceUSA is a crypto startup company that has a unique approach to self-improvement. The free to download Fivebalance self-improvement mobile app is designed for people striving to fix their problems and enhance their quality of life. Fivebalance App ScreenshotsThe Fivebalance app provides a user friendly interface for goal setting & monitoring

The application facilitates the users to record their performance in five distinctive categories – Fit, Financial, Family, Flair, and Faith. The users are allowed to customize their own goals in all these categories and receive rewards upon completing the objectives.

The blockchain function of FBN serves to create the coin rewards used by the FBN mobile app. As mentioned previously, users receive coins as a reward for meeting set goals. Fivebalance provides a simple wallet setup option available for download on the Fivebalance website The wallets provide the ability for both staking and Masternodes.

This coin has over 80% Pure POS block reward. Masternodes provide power and FBN coins to the owner. Users can get rewards for every block which can then be traded on crypto exchanges, used in the FBN mobile app and Fivebalance Marketplace, or donated to other members.

FBN Coin and its uses

FiveBalance Coin (FBN) is a cryptocurrency designed to reward the users who are achieving their goals, which will boost their motivation to stay on the right track towards self-improvement. The platform uses a K.P.I indicator method, and users are allowed to create, choose, and share their targets and accomplishments with other users on the platform. This will encourage other users and inspire them to work hard to achieve their self-improvement goals. FBN Coin can be used to unlock high-performance profiles, and can also be utilized to purchase merchandise from merchants on the platform, or traded on three crypto exchanges.

Key features of the Fivebalance application

The application is user friendly. The key characteristics of the application are as follows:

  • The application has personal key performance indicators that allow its users to quantify their achievements and easily share them with other members on the platform.
  • Users are rewarded with FBN cryptocurrency for their achievements on a quarterly basis.
  • The use of cryptocurrency to reward and incentivize users to meet their goals. The Fivebalance blockchain has been updated as well as the Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu Wallets for enhanced user experience.
  • The Fivebalance mobile app allows its users to connect with people with similar objectives so they can inspire each other and work together towards their self-improvement goals.
  • Users will find self-improvement articles updated monthly to improve their performance in the 5F categories and to help them meet their goals.
  • The Fivebalance mobile app also serves as a mobile wallet for FBN Coin
  • The FBN coin currently trades on three exchanges. Mercatox, Hotbit, and Crex24

Improvements made in 2021

  • Added advertising model in app.
  • Added the ability to turn off and only use specific indicators.
  • Added crisis hotline number to main page.
  • Added support link to Telegram mobile support.
  • Marketplace now available for merchants.

We plan to implement machine learning to use AI to automate the whole K.P.I process in a future update, as well as use AI to verify users have met their goals. We have been in contact with Floyd Mayweather’s team in regards to securing him and others from his agency to help with marketing and rates have been established. At the time of writing, FivebalanceUSA has filed for registration as a Limited Liability Company with the state of Florida in the United States of America. Please stay tuned.

For details about the project, the leadership, the Company’s whitepaper, and upcoming updates, please visit the provided link: or contact them on their Social Media feeds.

Contact Information:

Contact Person Name: James

Company: FivebalanceUSA

Email: [email protected]


*Reference –

Editorial Note: This is a sponsored article. Opinions expressed are solely those of the sponsor and readers should conduct their own due diligence before taking any action based on information presented in this article.


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