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GameCredits releases GShare crypto mining app

GameCredits has announced a desktop application that enables gamers to harness idle hardware and unused processing power to mine crypto in return for GAME tokens.

GameCredits, the organization behind the GAME token has announced a desktop application that enables users to mine crypto in return for GAME. Available as a free download for PC, Mac and Linux operating systems, GameCredits community director Jack Kuveke says the idea of GShare is “to allow gamers who typically have powerful GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), to harness their wasted hardware when they aren’t using it.”

He says demand for GPUs is currently high given their application for cryptocurrency mining and other complex calculations. While GPUs do not have the mining power of task specific ASIC units they are much better at mining crypto than CPUs — a fact that has seen GPU prices skyrocket over the past year.

PC 580 X price 12 Months12 month average US$ price for Radeon RX 580 graphics card [source: PC Part Picker]

Kuveke says many gamers have already purchased the powerful GPUs for gaming and those that download GShare will be able to “rent” their processing power (the application also works with standard CPU chips) to earn GAME. He notes that GShare (currently in a public beta release) doesn’t mine GAME itself, instead mining other currencies like ZCash which GameCredits then onsell and reward users with GAME. “It gives them a way to easily profit from their hardware when it’s idle.”

gamesinwallet3GShare user interface

How much a user can earn depends on the power of their PC. For an entry level gaming computer (Intel i5 7600 CPU, integrated graphics) a gamer could earn a US dollar equivalent of around 20 dollars a month, Kuveke says.

For a mid-range machine (Intel i5 processor, NVidia GeForce GTX 1060) 125 dollars a month is possible, while a gamer with a high-end PC (Intel i7 quad-core processor, NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics) could earn up to 200 dollars worth.

Mining will affect processor performance, however. Kuveke says gamers can choose the amount of power to allocate to mining. “If they tune GShare to a low setting, then they may be able to keep it running while playing. This will depend on a number of factors including the intensity of the game they are playing and the hardware they have. We suggest that gamers who are worried about their performance dropping use GShare when they aren’t gaming. This could include while they’re sleeping or doing simple tasks like searching the internet or watching videos.”

Future releases will incorporate a system that detects CPU and GPU usage and will automatically tune down or turn off GShare computation when other processor intensive tasks like video editing or resource hungry gaming are operating.

Kuveke says while GameCredits is currently focused on GShare mining various cryptocurrencies, the longer term plan is for it to be used for any profitable task that requires GPU power — scientific research for instance or advanced mathematical calculations.

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