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Gems Partnership Provides 50 Million Users

Gems users will be able to message users who are currently using Telegram or third party messaging apps built on Telegram.

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It has been a busy few weeks for Gems, the social messaging app bringing security and crypto-tokens to the masses. Hitting their Crowdfund out of the park with over $500.000 raised, and announcing a partnership with the College Crypto Network. Now they are sharing with the public they are to use Telegram’s Open Source code.

“Secure Open Source code developed by Telegram helps us get to the market faster with all the messaging features, plus a critical mass of users with iOS and Android apps” – Daniel Peled, Development Team Leader at Gems. Peled advises that comments were being made regarding the pace of android development. “Momentum is important and we had to find a solution.” Peled explains, “Android users should be very pleased."

Telegram has been present in the market for just over a year. The Telegram app for iPhone launched 14th August 2013 and the alpha version of Telegram for Android launched 20th October 2013. Telegram recently cracked 1 billion daily messages, and offers a unique set of secure end to end encryption communication options. Currently they provide secret chats which offer self-destruct options, and larger Group Chats allowing media and document sharing with up to 200 people.

“Telegram‘s goal is to allow everyone to get back their right to privacy. We’ve built a free non-commercial service to achieve this. The project is distributed — Telegram servers, companies and people are spread all around the planet.” – Telegram

Gems have been able to jump on board with the free Open Source platform, which will not jeopardise the promised security of Gems. Peled advises, "Moving the GEMS Android app forward using Telegram is the best way for the GEMS team to help us all take back Social Media.”

Telegram supports internet security and has gone to great lengths to ensure that their clients will be satisfied. There is a $300,000 for anyone that can decipher Telegram messages, and they have two important components which marry up with Gems vision and philosophy.

  1. Protecting your private conversations from snooping third parties, such as officials, employers, etc.
  2. Protecting your personal data from third parties, such as marketers, advertisers, etc.

Telegram will not, and will never actively advertise to their users, stating in their FAQ’s “Will you have ads? Or sell my data? Or steal my wife and enslave my children?” To which they answer, “No.”

Increasing development speed is not the only reason for Gems using Telegram. The partnership will create the time necessary for the Gems team to focus their attentions on the innovative features of Gems; the built-in Gemz/Bitcoin wallet, the unique Airdrop, the referral program and their Attention Rewards Economy model of unsolicited messages.


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