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703, 2016

Trace Mayer: ‘Bitcoin Core has no real competition’

|7 Mar 2016|News|

Anarchapulco, the largest and only explicit Anarcho Capitalist conference in the world, was jam-packed with alternative media celebrities, activists and pioneers. Among them was Trace Mayer an early adopter and Angel Investor known for funding the development of Armory, an open source Bitcoin wallet known as one of the most secure in the market.

1104, 2015

Blockchain University Teaches “Bleeding Edge Content”

|11 Apr 2015|News|

Blockchain University is a six week course for developers and entrepreneurs who want to develop ideas leveraging blockchain technology. According to Robert Schwentker, President of Blockchain University, “Blockchain University instructors are teaching ‘bleeding edge’ content.”

2903, 2015

Satoshi Round Table: Private Retreat

|29 Mar 2015|News|

Jeffrey Tucker CLO of and published author recently returned from Satoshi Roundtable and discusses the intellectual aspects of Bitcoin with BraveNewCoin.

1203, 2015

Bitcoin Regulation In Singapore: An Inside Look

|12 Mar 2015|News|

Over the last year countries around the world have been engaged in attempts to either understand the technology or ban it outright. Singapore appears to have a flexible approach to regulating bitcoin and digital currencies.

103, 2015

Life of a Bitcoin Trader:

|1 Mar 2015|News|

While the media prolifically covers issues of Bitcoin exchanges and price, there is little coverage of traders. Many in the community agree that monitoring a 24/7 market is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle--one that can produce great reward, risk and failure, and is also be mentally exhausting.

1512, 2014

Providence: Building A New Economy

|15 Dec 2014|News|

Providence Solutions has announced its suite of FinTech products, built on the Ripple protocol. The intentions of Jared Mimms, Founder and Architect of Providence, is to nurture global economic freedom.

1212, 2014

Falcon Global Capital: Tackling Bitcoin Head On

|12 Dec 2014|News|

Brett Stapper, co-founder of Falcon Global Capital LLC, has announced the company will be pivoting from the traditional investment fund business model to consultation, providing freedom of choice and education to clients.

1112, 2014 How Bitcoin Can Help End War

|11 Dec 2014|News|

Roger Ver has doubled his offer of matching donations made to BNC News interviewed the Founder of the influential news site, Eric Garris. And Bitcoin Evangelist and Philanthropist, Roger Ver. The duo explain the push for Bitcoins, and how they can help end war.

1012, 2014

Gems: Bitcoins Decentralised Social Network

|10 Dec 2014|News|

The new decentralized user-controlled social network Gems raised half a million dollars in their public offering with Koinify. The mobile application is incentivizing adoption with its native currency GEMZ. BraveNewCoin spoke with CEO Daniel Peled to get the full picture of this new and exciting project.

212, 2014

TeraExchange: Wall Street Focuses On Bitcoin

|2 Dec 2014|News|

BNC interviewed Christian Martin, co-founder and CEO of TeraExchange, the first fully regulated, wall street experienced, institutional exchange platform. And its the first CFTC approved exchange integrating Bitcoin.

3011, 2014

Koinify: The Crypto Funding Platform

|30 Nov 2014|News|

BNC interviewed founder and CEO of Koinify, Tom Ding. Koinify layers over the Counterparty protocol, helping decentralised projects streamline funding through token sales. Gems recently completed the first funding round using the new platform.

2511, 2014

Coinigy: Access Granted

|25 Nov 2014|News|

Coinigy provides cryptocurrency traders with one place to trade across a growing number of exchanges. The platform has a suite of analytic tools for fundamental and technical traders. Currently in Private Beta, BNC obtained an unlimited use beta key for our readers.

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