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How BNC Pro disrupts the SaaS model

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model is a way to create recurring income for its creators and developers. The BNC Token disrupts this model by acting as a digital software license that enables pay-as-you-go microtransactions in the BNC Pro portfolio platform.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) premise is simple: create a product / service and charge an ongoing subscription fee. The hook is familiar. Sign up for a free trial to a website or app or service, but first, the user must hand over credit card details. With so many logins, trials, passwords and subscriptions to keep track of, users often forget to cancel before the trial period ends and are charged for a subscription. It’s an effective but somewhat cynical money maker.

The BNC Token – A new approach to value & payment

Today’s customers are demanding more choice and flexibility in their online and offline services. In the emerging digital economy, crypto assets enable microtransactions – the price-gouging SaaS model is outdated and ripe for disruption. If a user can pay for a service with a microtransaction – this is a fairer, more ethical approach than a lock-in period of 12 months at a high price.

The BNC Token enables this new model – as a utility token that acts as a ‘transferable software license and gives token holders the ability to access premium features on the BNC Pro platform by paying in microtransactions.

The BNC token is built on ERC20 standard. However, it isn’t subject to the same congestion and network issues associated with Ethereum. State machines are used as the special sauce between BNC Pro and the BNC token – this allows the platform to function independently of the underlying blockchain while still having the security, immutability, and divisibility of the Ethereum public blockchain. State machines are computational proofs often used at the application layer that allows a machine to have different states but use only one of them at a time.

A best-in-class portfolio tool

Ultimately Brave New Coin may apply this new value and payment system to all its products and services. The first product suite to use the model is BNC Pro. Currently in beta testing and scheduled for a public launch by the end of November, BNC Pro is an all-in-one portfolio management solution that integrates a user’s portfolio and trading data with a suite of institutional-grade data, analysis and research tools.


BNC Pro Screener

BNC Pro operates on a freemium model. Anyone can sign up to the platform and a range of portfolio features are free to use at launch. Access to premium features is unlocked using the BNC Token. Free BNC Pro features available at launch include a comprehensive portfolio manager with exchange and wallet integrations, charting, curated watchlists and alerts, and a screener tool to segment different Taxonomy data sets.


BNC Pro Watchlist

Premium BNC Pro features available at launch include reporting tools, a newsfeed that delivers up to the minute headlines 24/7, premium Taxonomy data sets in the screener tool, additional charting tools based on BNC indices, BNC 30 sec GWA and MWA pricing, and live data from 250+ exchanges.

Summed up, BNC Pro is a complete crypto asset portfolio solution designed for use by investors and traders across the retail, professional and enterprise segments who are looking for a tool that can deliver them a ‘unfair’ market advantage.


BNC Pro Portfolio


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