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iOS Dogecoin Users Have A New Killer App

Building upon the open-source Breadwallet, Filip Noetzel has created Doughwallet - a simple, safe, and secure wallet for the crypto currency, Dogecoin.

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Dogecoin is becoming increasing popular among the many Altcoins available to choose from, and iOS users of the coin have always had a problem when it comes managing currencies – the lack of a dedicated wallet. Thanks to one software developer on a mission, Filip Noetzel, this problem may soon be solved.

Bitcoin once had the same problem on iOS. There were many wallets to choose from, but they all relied on a third-party server to communicate with the Bitcoin network. In essence this was a middleman to any transaction; data would first pass through the third-party network and then to the Bitcoin network.

Including a middleman negates the core security feature of Bitcoin, decentralization. Using this structure presents hackers with a central point for attack. If hackers chose to take down the third-party server, or if there was an outage for any reason, your money would be left to sit, completely inaccessible, on your phone.

A man named Aaron Voisine addressed this in September of 2014. He set out to create breadwallet, a Bitcoin wallet that offered security features far beyond that of any smartphone wallet.

“Our goal is to make breadwallet the starting point for new users interested in Bitcoin. A beautiful, intuitive, and highly secure wallet experience we think will expand the appeal of Bitcoin and enable the next wave of adoption, beyond the niche technical community that has brought it to where it is today.”
— – Voisine

His use of smart encryption algorithms, verification signatures, and very limited app privileges created a strong safebox to keep Bitcoins in, and unwanted intruders out.

“I designed breadwallet to be the most secure wallet out there. The iOS security model provides good protection against malware (you would need a remote jailbreak exploit for malware to steal your keys), and also all devices are hardware AES encrypted by default, so it’s reasonably secure even in the event of physical theft. Web and desktop wallets are of course wide open to malware, and although android is better, it still has a serious malware problem, most devices don’t receive timely security updates, and almost no one has android filesystem encryption turned on to protect from physical theft. Of those that do, many devices don’t have hardware backed encryption, so the encryption is only as strong as the typically weak passwords people choose for unlocking their phones.” – Voisine

The true beauty of Voisines app is its simplicity. Even if the smartphone is lost or stolen, a simple backup phrase can recover your data. The interface itself is minimalistic and friendly, offering everything you need and absolutely nothing more. The best part is that he made the app open-source, allowing developers who favor other coins to build a version of their own, offering peace of mind to a whole new audience.

“I’m happy to see other developers getting involved,” said Voisine, “It’s gratifying as a developer and increases the profile of the project.”

Enter Filip Noetzel – a German software developer who intends to offer the adapted version for Dogecoin users. He announced doughwallet in December, and his enthusiasm for the project is palpable.

“It’s the missing bit,” Noeztel stated with a smile. “Dogecoin is a really well done crypto currency with both excellent software by the Dogecoin developers and an awesome community, and breadwallet is this really well done Bitcoin wallet with very smart decision making behind it. I saw the opportunity to combine the two and the result is doughwallet.”

Members of the community, supporting the lesser-known crypto currency Dogecoin, have received limited attention in app development, with consumers on iOS feeling this effect to an even greater extent.

“This is my way of giving back to the Dogecoin community and helping with adoption,” Noetzel stated. Speaking about iOS in particular, he expressed his excitement at providing a “proper wallet” where users have control over their private keys. Noetzel believes there is a market that would be interested in using Dogecoin but, due to a lack of quality wallets, are unable to do so.

A secure mobile wallet is something the coin needs in order to be more widely accepted, just like breadwallet has helped Bitcoin get a healthy boost in mobile users. Doughwallet takes much of the technical knowledge, required to keep digital currency safe, out of the equation. This potentially opens the idea of crypto currency to those who would otherwise shy away from it.

“My aim with doughwallet is to increase adoption of Dogecoin in the real world. At the moment I use breadwallet and Bitcoin for small transactions […] and see an opportunity for Dogecoin to be even more ideal in these situations,” expressed Noetzel, citing the quick transactions and low fees of Dogecoin.

People new to the exciting world of crypto currency, and veterans alike, can both find something to appreciate in these wallets. Nobody should have to worry about his or her money going missing, digital or otherwise. Ease of use and safety is what advanced the popularity of card-based transactions, so projects with security and simplicity in mind always have a welcome place in the field of crypto currency. It is major strides like these that will lead to wider adoption in the future.

“My plans at the moment (besides getting doughwallet to the AppStore, fingers crossed) are to closely follow both the progress in breadwallet (telling from the comments, the next version is going to be huge) and the Dogecoin network, so users of doughwallet have the best Dogecoin wallet available.”
— – Noetzel

Doughwallet is currently in its beta testing phase and slated for an early 2015 release. Those interested in assisting with beta testing can find more information on the website, Breadwallet can be found on the iOS app store, and further details can be found at

[UPDATE] As of January 21, 2015, Doughwallet is available to download on the Apple App store.


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