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MANTRA – The Layer 1 for RWA Tokenization

John Patrick Mullin is the CEO and co-founder of MANTRA, the Layer 1 blockchain for RWA tokenization.

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The Mantra team saw that the Cosmos ecosystem lacked a chain specifically designed to provide regulatory compliance across a wide range of real-world assets (RWA) and tokenized assets. They feel that a “chain of regulated digital assets” will create a forward-thinking protocol that attracts users from diverse backgrounds, many of whom may not be current participants within the crypto space, and who value the importance and safety of regulatory compliance.

Mantra are creating an ecosystem for tokenization. Tokenizing an asset refers to the act of representing an ownership interest in real-world assets in a digital token (i.e., tokenization is the process of issuing a token that digitally represents tradable assets). Any asset with real-world value such as art, commodities or real estate can be easily tradable once it is converted into a digital representation in the form of a token. These tokens are issued through security token offerings (STOs) and can then be traded on a KYC/AML guarded secondary market such as the Mantra Chain decentralized exchange (DEX).

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