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Ripple’s Vison for DeFi: Tokenize, Manage & Move

22 Aug 2023, 00:00

Boris Alergant is the Head of DeFi at Ripple. He discusses the challenges of institutional adoption in DeFi and the importance of compliance.

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Ripple’s report, "2023 Crypto Trends in Business and Beyond," explores tokenizing assets, managing them securely, and facilitating asset movement on the XRP ledger. The report also highlights that global finance leaders are increasingly interested in exploring DeFi. Boris explains how businesses have become more open to blockchain technology over time, recognizing its potential for cost reduction and growth. He emphasizes that institutions want to use blockchain technology but need a compliant way to do so. The conversation touches on decentralized identity as a solution for regulatory compliance in DeFi and predicts that younger generations inheriting wealth will drive adoption of blockchain technology. Legacy banks face pressure from innovative neo-banks, which may lead to their eventual adoption of new technologies. The podcast concludes with discussions around Ripple’s products aimed at removing frictions in traditional banking systems, particularly cross-border payments.

Boris Alergant explains the two components of Swift, which are the messaging layer and settlement layer. He emphasizes that traditional correspondent banking can be slow and costly. Ripple is working to create more efficient solutions like ODL to enable faster and cheaper payments. Boris also mentions the disruption happening in traditional financial services activities through technologies like DeFi. He discusses Ripple’s partnership with crypto native companies and their use of XRP on the Root Network blockchain.

He highlights the AMM functionality proposed by Ripple for the XRP ledger as a way to minimize impermanent loss in liquidity pools.

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