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707, 2020

0x token holders vote on reduced fees

|7 Jul 2020|News|

Voting has begun on the 0x (ZRX) governance platform for a new improvement proposal to reduce transaction fees on the network. The proposal is driven by the recent rise in gas prices on the Ethereum platform.

1708, 2019

0x Price Analysis – Use cases in development

|17 Aug 2019|Price Analysis|

The ZRX token price currently sits on all-time-lows, and bearish technical indicators suggest there may be further pain in the near future. Fundamentals point to suppressed token use and relayer activity. However, if the roadmap improvements are implemented, ZRX token use cases and value may increase.

2209, 2018

0x Price Analysis – More Relayers, less token use

|22 Sep 2018|Price Analysis|

Fundamentals show that the quantity of Relayers continues to grow, while the order flow of those relayers has remained relatively flat over the course of the year. On balance, an increase in low-risk options for traders through DEXs is incredibly healthy for an industry plagued with exchange hacks on a regular basis.

1309, 2018

Decentralized exchanges — the road ahead

|13 Sep 2018|News|

While decentralized exchanges (DEXs) offer many advantages over their centralized counterparts, user uptake remains low. However, new technologies like the 0x protocol may present a viable evolutionary path for DEXs in what is clearly a David & Goliath competitive landscape

1807, 2018

0x Price Analysis – The Golden Touch

|18 Jul 2018|Price Analysis|

ZRX continues to be one of the hottest projects in 2018 in terms of dev activity, community growth, and as a potential fiat gateway. The core ZRX team continues to be transparent with future updates, and releases those updates on time. The number of relayers also continues to grow, ensuring a competitive DEX environment and plenty of options for users. Decentralized governance with the protocol remains an area for research, exploration, and improvement, as no strong set guidelines have been implemented as of yet.

2205, 2018

ZRX Price Analysis – Relayer Usage Grows

|22 May 2018|Price Analysis|

ZRX had a 300% bull run after April first, fueled by speculation around Coinbase using the protocol. CEO Brian Armstrong hinted at this in his latest blog post regarding decentralized crypto-to-crypto trading. Developing a competitor to ETHfinex and Binance, or directly acquiring a relayer like Radar Relay, remains a strong possibility.

2502, 2018

0x Price Analysis – Liquidity plagues the DEX

|25 Feb 2018|Price Analysis|

Cryptocurrency has a growing, ever-present problem. Despite blockchain being a centralization disruptor, the ecosystem is filled with single points of failure. Over US$1 billion has been stolen from exchanges in exploits, hacks, and thefts. These events are becoming a mainstay thanks to systemic custodial risks, ballooning coin valuations, and an increasing number of investors on exchanges.

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