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2112, 2023

Catalyzing Bitcoin: The Impact of the Lightning Network

|21 Dec 2023|News|

The lightning network is a scaling solution built for the Bitcoin blockchain. It operates as a “Layer-2” or “second-layer” on top of Bitcoin. Despite years of development, adoption remains low. Where is Lightning in late 2023?

2211, 2023

Beyond Bitcoin – Unlocking the Potential of Diverse Crypto Products

|22 Nov 2023|News|

Since its 2009 inception, Bitcoin has heralded a shift from traditional to decentralized finance (DeFi), signaling the future of financial markets. Today, the crypto landscape extends beyond Bitcoin, with multiple projects contributing to a dynamic ecosystem of financial innovation. In this article, Old Street Digital COO Nic Basson explores the new investment frontier.

1611, 2023

If You’re a Crypto Provider, You Need to Be Issuing Local Named End-User Virtual IBANs for Your Users

|16 Nov 2023|Press Releases|

As a crypto provider, you understand cryptocurrency's global financial potential but face challenges with traditional banking and regulations affecting fund transfers between fiat and crypto. While pooled virtual IBANs help manage transactions, their limits are clear. Now is the time to consider local named end-user virtual IBANs to improve user experience and streamline compliance, says Fiat Republic co-founder Sophie Guibaud

311, 2023

Bluzelle Unveils Visionary Expansion into Creator Economy, Empowering Content Creators with its Layer 1 Blockchain

|3 Nov 2023|Press Releases|

Bluzelle, a leading Layer 1 blockchain platform, is excited to announce a major expansion into the dynamic realm of the Creator Economy. Over the past two years, Bluzelle has invested significantly in Research and Development, and today, they reveal their vision for empowering content creators and innovators within the Creator Economy.

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