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2104, 2020

The crypto industry contributes to fighting COVID-19

|21 Apr 2020|News|

A sudden global catastrophe has led to many philanthropic efforts from individuals and firms across the globe. The crypto industry is no different, and many companies and projects have provided support in this fight against COVID-19.

1401, 2018

Bitcoiners turn to philanthropy

|14 Jan 2018|News|

Using Bitcoin to send donations is a well-worn and proven concept, and 2017’s unprecedented bitcoin gains have enabled various early adopters to launch philanthropic endeavors. Wikileaks became the first to take advantage of bitcoin for donations in 2010, and has championed its use ever since. The first rush of mainstream charities accepting donations was in 2015.

2502, 2017

Bitcoin charity platform Helperbit completes first case study

|25 Feb 2017|News|

In the last few months devastating earthquakes have hit central Italy, devastating many mountain villages, killing nearly 300 people and displacing 22 thousand inhabitants. The environmentalist association [Legambiente](, and several partners, have since been collaborating on a crowdfunding campaign for those affected.

1212, 2016

GiveTrack offers confidence in charities

|12 Dec 2016|News|

BitGive recently announced a new tool that allows everyone to see exactly where charitable funds go, and the impact they have. Called GiveTrack, the new service will use blockchain technology to allow donors and the public to trace transactions on a public platform in real time.

2508, 2015

Donating Bitcoin to Charities Is On the Rise

|25 Aug 2015|News|

The easier charities make it for people to give, the more charity is given. 95.4% of households [give to charity in the US](, with an average annual household contribution of $2,974.

208, 2015

UNICEF Sells Out Of Charitable “Digital Currency”

|2 Aug 2015|News|

In partnership with the H&M Conscious Foundation, [Global relief organization UNICEF]( recently created a cryptocurrency to promote their ongoing campaign to bring educational materials to underserved children.

1312, 2014

Bitcoin: Aiding Charities Across The Globe

|13 Dec 2014|News|

Bitcoin has seen a lot of growth this year, and charities are jumping on board. Not only have bitcoiners started new unique charities, and donation drives, some of the worlds largest charitable organisations have started accepting bitcoin too.

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