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407, 2019

Cryptopia liquidator updates stakeholders

|4 Jul 2019|News|

Liquidators Grant Thornton New Zealand have released an update for Cryptopia account holders and other creditors following the hacked exchanges receivership announcement in May.

1505, 2019

Hacked Cryptopia exchange calls in liquidators

|15 May 2019|News|

Almost two months after announcing in late March that it was “100% committed to reopening the exchange, bigger and better and to continue trading”, hacked exchange Cryptopia has decided instead to call in the liquidators.

2402, 2019

The curious case of QuadrigaCX

|24 Feb 2019|News|

While the circumstances surrounding the failure of leading Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX have set a new benchmark for ‘weird’, it may well be that just like so many other crypto exchange mega-fails, the real culprit could once again be something as simple as incompetent management.

1801, 2019

The importance of non-custodial decentralized exchange

|18 Jan 2019|News|

The latest exchange hack on Cryptopia highlights again the need for trustless non-custodial trading. However, DEXs are still at a primitive stage and the few that can claim to be fully decentralized are slow and clunky and many hybrids forfeit some degree of decentralization for better functionality. The right balance of function and decentralization is still being worked out but building a DEX on sidechain technology is the latest innovation towards that goal.

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