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1708, 2019

Blockchain gaming shows promising signs

|17 Aug 2019|News|

Game developers are warming up to the unique possibilities of blockchain. Blockchain tech can enable decentralization, transparency, and true ownership of non-fungible tokens and game items in virtual environments.

105, 2019

MANA Price Analysis: VR world matures but user numbers still low

|1 May 2019|Price Analysis|

The Decentraland ecosystem has launched a number of impressive updates in 2019 including a new 3D scene building tool and integration with the HTC EXODUS 1 blockchain phone - creating new value for the MANA token. Active app and token user numbers remain lackluster, however, creating long term concerns. While short term technicals lean bearish, fundamental signals are mixed.

203, 2019

MANA Price Analysis – VR platform boosted by HTC deal

|2 Mar 2019|Price Analysis|

MANA, the native token of decentralized VR world Decentraland, has enjoyed strong price gains following news that the HTC Exodus 1 blockchain phone would be released with built-in support for the token. Though more speculative momentum may come with an upcoming Coinbase listing, true fundamental value remains elusive.

2008, 2017

Decentraland raises $24 million in 35 seconds, leaving retail investors out in the cold

|20 Aug 2017|News|

Decentraland had its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) last week, but sold out so fast that the vast majority of users waiting for the launch never got any of their orders filled. Roughly 10,000 potential investors lined up to grab some of the native tokens, MANA. “Due to the overwhelming response to the project, almost 7,000 transactions did not go through, which resulted in a lot of disappointment,” the leader developer said on Saturday.

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