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501, 2021

Best of 2020 – Why LEVERJ is the next big thing in DeFi

|5 Jan 2021|Podcasts|

We’re revisiting some of the best Crypto Conversation podcast episodes of 2020. In this episode, we talk to Bharath Rao and Swapman from LEVERJ, the world’s first scalable decentralized derivatives exchange​. LEVERJ is a trading platform created to perform like traditional financial exchanges while maintaining the critical function of security. Built on Gluon, a Plasma sidechain, LEVERJ is self-custodial by design, meaning that users always control their private keys and funds. Gluon is the first fully operational Ethereum Layer 2 chain, giving LEVERJ the high-transaction throughput to work as fast as centralized exchanges.

2206, 2019

Binance marks second birthday with US expansion

|22 Jun 2019|News|

Exiled from China, and with several locations around the world, Binance is famous for nimbly sidestepping regulations. After announcing that it would soon begin blocking services to US citizens on its existing platform, Binance now intends to create a fully compliant Binance division based in the US to serve US-based traders.

1505, 2019

Dapps and DEXs in FinCEN crosshairs

|15 May 2019|News|

As the crypto asset regulatory environment begins to firm up, crypto’s reputation as the ‘wild west’, is fading. New guidance by FinCEN makes it clear that in the US, virtual currencies are subject to the same AML requirements as fiat currency.

1801, 2019

The importance of non-custodial decentralized exchange

|18 Jan 2019|News|

The latest exchange hack on Cryptopia highlights again the need for trustless non-custodial trading. However, DEXs are still at a primitive stage and the few that can claim to be fully decentralized are slow and clunky and many hybrids forfeit some degree of decentralization for better functionality. The right balance of function and decentralization is still being worked out but building a DEX on sidechain technology is the latest innovation towards that goal.

301, 2016

The Decentalized Bitcoin Exchange

|3 Jan 2016|Resources|

Bitsquare is an open source peer-to-peer application that allows anyone to buy and sell Bitcoin in exchange to national currencies or alternative crypto currencies.Bitsquare protects user’s privacy by using a custom P2P network over Tor ,in which every user is a participating node. An all-in-one desktop application (for Linux,OS X and Windows) provides an intuitive user interface and executes the trading protocol.

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