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1309, 2014

Gregory Simon And The Dubai Bitcoin Conference

|13 Sep 2014|News|

Bitcoin has received negative onslaught from the main stream media, with much focus on anti-government libertarianism. Due to the technical background of this digital transfer system, it leaves many befuddled and overwhelmed.

609, 2014

Flying High With

|6 Sep 2014|News|

It is wonderful to travel. To take in the environment of another country, the sites, the sounds.  Foreign languages lilting majestically, turning your realization to the fact that you’re not at home. To get here, to this wonderful point, it has to be booked.

2708, 2014

Satoshi Nakamoto – What’s In a Name?

|27 Aug 2014|News|

Whether the name represents a 37 year old man living in Japan, or a group of people scattered about the world. Many wonder who they, he or she may be. The name Satoshi Nakamoto is under constant scrutiny.

2708, 2014

An Exchange Focuses On Adoption

|27 Aug 2014|News|

With an ever growing need for adoption, the desire for user friendly products is on the horizon. Bitcoin can be an overwhelming and intimidating concept to newcomers. However, one company Honeycomb, based out of Toronto, Canada has recognized this requirement and is tackling it head on.

508, 2014

Money 20/20, Las Vegas

|5 Aug 2014|News|

From the 2nd to 6th of November 2014. With over 6500 attendees including over 500 CEO’s, covering 2250 companies, based out of 50 plus countries, Money20/20 is expected to be the biggest conference to include Bitcoin this year. The event is based in the Aria, Las Vegas with over 200 speakers listed and five days of excitement.

208, 2014

Blockchain Breaks Currency Insanity

|2 Aug 2014|News|

Florence, 1385. Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici, a wool trader and banker used a debit-in (DI) and credit-out (CO) double entry bookkeeping system. Although he was not the innovator, he applied this accounting method on a vast scale.

2807, 2014

Inside Bitcoins – London

|28 Jul 2014|News|

So their tour continues, growing with each country, picking up momentum, and sharing wonderful information on the crypto environment. This is a must attend conference, as each builds on the last, they get better and better. Inside Bitcoin has been touring the world for close to a year.

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