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1912, 2019

Jack Dorsey plans open-source social media protocol

|19 Dec 2019|News|

As the internet has evolved, it has shifted from public open-source protocols to private platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. With the help of blockchain, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey plans to liberate social media by taking it back to a protocol-powered future.

3008, 2017

Decentralized social media is peer-to-peering into the future

|30 Aug 2017|News|

Social media proofs of concept on the blockchain demonstrate important value propositions of decentralized apps. In 2016, Steemit pioneered the world’s first blockchain-based decentralized social network and in my view remains one of the most important blockchain projects today. Boiled down to its simplest form, Steemit is a kind of reddit with the property that creating interesting content, or curating it effectively, will earn users real money on the platform in the form of a cryptocurrency called Steem. There is no barrier to entry. Just create an account and start earning.

1312, 2016

3D Printing, Crypto and Steemit with Celia

|13 Dec 2016|News|

Celia reached out to us after feeling disaffected by Steemit and hoping that Yours might avoid some of their problems. Since Steemit is one of our closest competitors, we knew that Celia’s input would be extremely valuable to help identify places where we need to improve.

712, 2016

Talking Bitcoin Social with Daniel Cawrey

|7 Dec 2016|News|

As the former COO of ZapChain and writer for bitcoin publications, Daniel Cawrey is one of the most experienced people in the world at the intersection of bitcoin and media. Daniel has also been involved in our community since the very beginning when it was just an open-source project in 2015. When Daniel suggested he would be interested in demoing our current product, we jumped at the chance to get his thoughts on the current state of Yours and how we can make our product work well for content creators.

2211, 2016

Yours raises funds for bitcoin based Reddit alternative

|22 Nov 2016|News|

I met the CEO of reddit, Yishan Wong, at a restaurant in San Francisco in the summer of 2014. Yishan shared with me his vision of reddit as internetland, like a nation state with no physical borders. The only thing missing from internetland was money, so the users could pay each other for their work. Cryptocurrency seemed like the right tool for this, because it was native to the internet, just like reddit itself. I joined reddit as the world’s first cryptocurrency engineer to help Yishan implement his vision.

2203, 2015

What Is Synereo: Decentralised Social Networking

|22 Mar 2015|News|

23 March is the beginning of the Synereo Crowd Sale, where 18.5% of all initially created tokens will be sold to help develop the project. Those who purchase the AMPs from the crowd sale get exclusive early access to bits of Synereo.

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