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2911, 2017

The Bitcoin mining hardware race is on

|29 Nov 2017|News|

The ASIC mining hardware manufacturing industry has so far largely been dominated by Chinese manufacturer Bitmain, which has sold equipment equivalent to about 60% of the current hashrate. However, several reputable companies have made promising announcements lately about entering the ASIC mining hardware industry with cutting-edge new equipment.

810, 2017

Starships and Tokens; A Path to Human Self-Actualization

|8 Oct 2017|News|

Many humans don’t settle for just barely scraping by; they improve themselves towards self-actualization. Could we do the same at the level of civilization? Rather than merely avoiding disasters, let’s truly reach for the stars. In this essay, I describe a decentralized system for humanity to collectively graph the steps towards self-actualization, from conquering malaria and a shared planetary database, to universal basic income and even asteroid mining.

2207, 2017

A rational take on cryptocurrencies

|22 Jul 2017|News|

Here at Coin Sciences, we’re best known for MultiChain, a popular platform for creating and deploying permissioned blockchains. But we began life in March 2014 in the cryptocurrency space, with the goal of developing a “bitcoin 2.0″ protocol called CoinSpark. CoinSpark leverages transaction metadata to add external assets (now called tokens) and notarized messaging to bitcoin. Our underlying thinking was this: If a blockchain is a secure decentralized record, surely that record has applications beyond managing its native cryptocurrency.

505, 2017

Blockchain Industry Report Q1 2017

|5 May 2017|Resources|

Blockchain funding is higher than ever, and despite being a smaller market, Europe has a strong focus on the technology, according to a new industry report from Funderbeam.

404, 2017

Digital payments – Analysing the cyber landscape

|4 Apr 2017|Resources|

In this thought leadership, the authors examine the digital payments ecosystem from a lens of readiness of framework for adopting the technology, emergence of new industry (Fintech), security and preventive measures that an Indian citizen needs to take before taking a leap of faith in the digital world, and measures to avoid frauds.

2503, 2017

Three pre-blockchain planetary networks: Visa, DNS, and Sabre/Amadeus

|25 Mar 2017|News|

“Blockchain technology could change the world!” But how? If an industry gets a single shared source of truth, what happens? If you’re in the blockchain space, you may be working hard to paint a possible picture to answer that. You may be using logic and extrapolation, but wishing that you had something more tangible.

3112, 2016

Microsoft adds advanced support for bitcoin to Excel spreadsheets

|31 Dec 2016|News|

Microsoft’s latest upgrade roadmap for MS Office, includes four entries for bitcoin support into the four different platform version of their popular Excel spreadsheet software. The changes allow for Bitcoin data to be used in their spreadsheets and calculations, making the task of doing budgeting with bitcoins far easier.

1611, 2016

Blockchain wallet adding bitcoin buying option

|16 Nov 2016|News|

Blockchain will soon provide users of their ever popular wallet with the option to buy bitcoin. After eight months of development, the service launches in the UK on Monday for a short period of testing. The company plans to push it out across the entire Eurozone by December, and across the US and some parts of Latin America early next year.

1110, 2016

Big numbers don’t mean big money

|11 Oct 2016|News|

Last week we discussed [problems with using really big numbers in cryptocurrencies](news/problems-with-big-numbers-in-crypto-how-bitcoin-dodged-a-bullet/). This week I'd like to talk about misconceptions surrounding cryptocurrencies with big coin supplies, as well as the wider topic of inflation. Both this and the previous article were inspired by the [OneLife Mastermind event](, during which the people on stage were gushing about [how many coins their system will have and can mine, ]("The new blockchain will mine 50'000 coins per minute. [...] I think we are mining about 2'000'000'000 coins now."

310, 2016

Core bank systems should have built-in obsolescence

|3 Oct 2016|News|

From controlled to marketplace and from internal to external focus, another key change is the very nature of technology itself. It’s quite clear that a start-up today could launch with just a few thousand dollars, Amazon Web Services and a bright idea. There is no need to build complex infrastructure and spend months with hundreds of coders creating something.

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