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The Bitcoin Halving – price-performance, past, present, & future with Rekt Capital

5 Feb 2020, 00:00

In this episode of the Crypto Conversation Andy is joined by Rekt Capital, a trader and technical analyst who has been studying Bitcoin’s price history to look at the effect of the previous halving events on Bitcoin’s price performance. Rekt Capital says the Bitcoin Halving is an important catalyst that will propel Bitcoin into a new bull market.

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Why you should listen:

Andy and Rekt Capital discuss the Bitcoin Halving in a macro context to address the following questions: How did each of the previous two Bitcoin Halvings affect Bitcoin’s price? Are there any recurring tendencies as to how these two Halvings affected Bitcoin’s price? How could Bitcoin’s upcoming third Halving potentially affect Bitcoin’s price? Is the Bitcoin Halving priced in?

Key takeaway:

The amount of Bitcoin that is created every 10 minutes gets cut in half every four years. This is why the Bitcoin Halving can be seen as a catalyst that leads to Bitcoin price appreciation. It is important to develop an understanding as well as the ability to appreciate, with a level-head, the historical significance of the Bitcoin Halving effect on Bitcoin’s price. Of course, past performance doesn’t guarantee future outcomes. But as Mark Twain said, two things can be said about history. “History doesn’t repeat itself — but it often rhymes.”

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