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The Bull Market is Back – Bitcoin’s Strength Continues

Josh Olszewicz, lead analyst at Brave New Coin joins Andy to discuss the recent crypto correction and today’s recovery. Is the correction over? Will the bull run continue? Is the NFT boom a sign of market froth?

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Josh Olszewicz

Why you should listen:

Josh and Andy share their plans for creating more crypto content as a response to the growing audience demand that a bull market generates.

For crypto investors wanting to copy trade Josh, there’s an easy solution via Techemy Capital’s holistic ETH/BTC portfolio via Enzyme Finance.

Key takeaway:

After a swift run up in price, you should expect a swift correction. We’ve had two 30%+ corrections this year, however, this is normal in a bull market. Bitcoin continues to look strong with a series of bullish news events driving new buyers to Bitcoin.

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