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The State and Future of Digital Money – Los Angeles

The State of Digital Money is an exclusive event held in Downtown Los Angeles in the US Bank Tower at the Rhurbarb Studios.

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For the first time, in the heart of the financial district – downtown LA, Cureativ presents The State of Digital Money, an event focused on digital money with over 20 speakers and panellists. The conference, which takes place on April 18, is located within the US Bank Tower at Rhubarb Studios.

Key Speakers Include:

  • Jeff Garzk, Bitcoin core developer at Bitpay
  • Brock Pierce, Founder and Managing Partner at Blockchain Capital
  • Steve Beauregard, Co-Founder and CEO at GoCoin
  • **Connie Gallippi,**Founder and Executive Director at the BitGive Foundation

Executives from innovative startups such as Factom, Changetip and Airbitz, will also be represented.

"The State of Digital Money will showcase technologies and host expert conversations on the future of currency and financial activities in a developing global economy."
— – Cureativ

Though online banking and instant payment technologies have become commonplace, the rise of Bitcoin and other forms of crypto-currencies are disrupting the entire global financial system. Cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications and Blockchain technology are increasingly taking off as funding and investments continue to nourish the development and movement of this rapidly evolving industry.

If you’re new to the space, or a seasoned professional in the industry, attend and network with over 20 top industry professionals. The event will hold four focused panels on regulation, investments, mainstream adoption and blockchain technology.

Interested in attending? To learn more about the event and to buy your tickets visit:



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