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804, 2016

Challenger versus incumbent or challenger and incumbent

|8 Apr 2016|News|

I guess my highlight of #Money2020Europe was moderating a discussion between Martin Blessing, CEO of Commerzbank, and Ricky Knox, CEO of UK digital-first start-up Tandem Bank. We had a fascinating dialogue before the public debate, and an even more engaging discussion on stage if the tweets are anything to go by.

2506, 2015

The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto; A Tool for Innovation

|25 Jun 2015|News|

Alex Preukschat recently presented his project Bitcoin: *The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto*, at Innobasque,Global Innovation Day 2015 hosted in Basque, Spain. Preukschat discusses with Brave New Coin the inspiration and intent behind the graphic novel.

2504, 2015

DisruptoCon Live Stream

|25 Apr 2015|News|

DisruptoCon event includes a two day conference packed with presentations from successful startups, investment case studies and also includes a Tech Talent Show as well as Pitch Fest. Watch the live stream *[here](news/disruptocon-live-stream/ "")* at BraveNewCoin.

2903, 2015

Satoshi Round Table: Private Retreat

|29 Mar 2015|News|

Jeffrey Tucker CLO of and published author recently returned from Satoshi Roundtable and discusses the intellectual aspects of Bitcoin with BraveNewCoin.

1802, 2015

Inside Bitcoins Berlin

|18 Feb 2015|News|

Join Inside Bitcoins, at the Estrel Berlin, to explore the promise of decentralized technology and the future of finance.

1309, 2014

Gregory Simon And The Dubai Bitcoin Conference

|13 Sep 2014|News|

Bitcoin has received negative onslaught from the main stream media, with much focus on anti-government libertarianism. Due to the technical background of this digital transfer system, it leaves many befuddled and overwhelmed.

508, 2014

Money 20/20, Las Vegas

|5 Aug 2014|News|

From the 2nd to 6th of November 2014. With over 6500 attendees including over 500 CEO’s, covering 2250 companies, based out of 50 plus countries, Money20/20 is expected to be the biggest conference to include Bitcoin this year. The event is based in the Aria, Las Vegas with over 200 speakers listed and five days of excitement.

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