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BNC Pro – The ‘Agile’ advantage

‘Agile’ refers to self managing teams tasked with developing disruptive software. The agile process is seen as a solution to software development bottlenecks. This article provides a high level overview of the agile development framework and explains how Brave New Coin is implementing it within the BNC Pro roadmap.

Agile practices are a major focus of the product development roadmap for the BNC Pro portfolio management tool. The ability to test and deliver new products and services quickly will be an important aspect of driving utility into the BNC token. Agile oils the wheels to ensure this is an efficient process.

Agile teams generally operate with an initiative owner or team leader. The IO divides his or her time between the agile team which they progress forward, and key stakeholders within the overarching business.

The owner continuously and objectively builds a fluid list that ranks promising ideas and features based on estimated value to customer, financial ROI and innovation potential. The owner puts systems in place to ensure the team is protected from distractions so that the full collective intelligence can be put to use.

The team breaks high priority tasks into modules, decides how much work to take on and how to get the work done. Team members start building working versions of the tasks during set time frames called sprints. The entire process is transparent to the whole team. Tactics such as daily scrums can be used to disseminate the information.


Originally appeared on the Toggl blog: Mart Virkus 2019.

The agile strategy is results driven. By breaking up big picture tasks into smaller modules that can stand alone, tangible solutions can be adapted to meet commercial requirements.

There are other advantages of agile – it is based on transparency and performance tracking. Solutions are designed to be adapted fluidly as feedback around customer satisfaction, speed and performance filter back to the team.

Brave New Coin’s agile strategy

Brave New Coin’s product development team is core to its agile strategy. The team has independently built solutions around price indexing, asset cataloging, news aggregation and blockchain network analytics. These solutions have supported the website, its enterprise API solutions and now the BNC Pro portfolio management tool.

The team has a diverse skill set that ranges from financial and mathematical modelling, API & application development, big data processing, data visualization and website construction. The team works fluidly between Brave New Coin’s other teams to deliver tangible commercial products and implement big picture visions into existing solutions.

Screenshot 46

How the Brave New Coin product development team works

The backbone of the product development is to achieve ‘scary and exciting’ visions with speed, by achieving tangible early wins during the development of these visions. It leverages the expertise of other business channels and is designed to be adaptable based on emerging market opportunities.

Brave New Coin has spent five years building the most comprehensive, robust, compliant and scalable “Crypto Data Engine™”. This engine provides customized indices, global price discovery (reference rates, spot prices), aggregated market data, news, sentiment analysis, and token analytics to some of the world’s largest financial institutions and brands including NASDAQ, TP ICAP, Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters), Amazon Alexa, Dow Jones Factiva, BarChart, Empiricus and TradingView.

Solutions built by our agile product development team, have helped optimize our liquid indices program, and driven the creation of the first series of premium applications hosted with the BNC Pro platform.

The product development team will have a key role to play as Brave New Coin’s new flagship portfolio management platform, BNC Pro, rolls out. The BNC Pro roadmap revolves around key product delivery events, designed to create new utility and encourage velocity of the platform’s native BNC token. Activity within the new platform will be a means to gauge market interest for new solutions and features.

Taxonomy API

BNC’s Taxonomy Of Cryptographic Assets is integrated in BNC Pro

Features like the portfolio asset filtering system leverage big picture projects like BNC’s Taxonomy of cryptographic assets in such a way that its complex classification system can be easily utilised for asset filtering within BNC Pro.


The BNC Newsfeed

Similarly the integration of another major Brave New Coin project – the BNC Newsfeed – provides BNC Pro users with crypto news in near real-time and can be personalized with filters and alerts to help users avoid information overwhelm – and receive only the news that is relevant to their portfolio.

Ultimately, agile development processes have assisted Brave New Coin to meet a challenging product delivery schedule – and consistently move towards disruptive innovation. BNC Pro operates on a ‘freemium’ model, with access to its premium features unlocked using the BNC token.


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