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Is Bitcoin Oversold? Indicators suggest yes.

18 Jul 2022, 00:00

Aditya Das is an analyst and researcher at Brave New Coin. With Bitcoin struggling to stay above the key $20,000 price level, investors are bracing for a long crypto winter. Fundamental analysis, however, suggests that Bitcoin is oversold.

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Fundamental analysis examines the internal and external factors that affect the value of a business or commodity. The value of an investment can be affected by factors such as the state of the global economy or by new updates to the core product of a company. These factors can affect the intrinsic value of an asset before they are reflected in the market value. The market value of an asset, the price investors actually pay for an asset, is affected by speculation and is driven by emotional factors and beliefs around what may occur in the future.

Aditya Das explains 5 fundamental indicators that are designed to reflect the intrinsic value of Bitcoin. They are also designed to discount factors like speculation. Currently, the price of BTC is depressed because of concerns around a possible global recession, high-interest rates and the potential for a long crypto winter.

While indicators such as the Mayer Multiple currently sit at around historical cycle lows, the crypto fear and greed index suggests that the crypto market is still in a state of ‘extreme fear’. Although the price of BTC is above $20,000, a bleak macro-economic situation will continue to be a factor for why sentiment may remain depressed in the short term.

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