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Jarvis Network – the on-chain Forex market

15 Jul 2022, 00:00, ,

Pascal Tallarida is the founder of Jarvis Network, a trading platform to buy, sell and exchange stable and liquid synthetic fiat currencies powered by an on-chain Forex market.

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Jarvis Network’s mission is to bring decentralized finance to everyone. Stablecoins have a key role to play in DeFi adoption. Non-USD stablecoins struggle to be liquid and maintain their peg.

Syntthereum’s role is to solve these issues and launch non-USD stablecoins (JFIATs). Synthereum is the first protocol of the Jarvis Network. The protocol pioneers a capital-efficient manner to issue and exchange synthetic fiat currencies called jFIATs, on multiple EVM-compatible network.

In May, Techemynt launched a new partnership with Jarvis. As part of the launch, a new pool featuring Techemynt’s 1-for-1 backed stablecoin NZDS and Jarvis’s synthetic jNZD. The pool will go by the ‘2nzd’ moniker and LP tokens of the pool will also be known as 2nzd tokens and will be stakeable on other platforms. 2nzd is yield-bearing as well.

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