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Lantern Finance – Illuminate Your Staking Journey

Lantern Finance – Illuminate Your Staking Journey

Prince Jindal and Jung Won Kim are co-founders at  Lantern Finance, a US-based staking platform built for the everyday crypto investor.

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Lantern Finance is for crypto beginners, crypto OGs, and everyone in-between, offering a seamless Ethereum staking experience for all experience levels.

Lantern’s robust security measures are supported by BitGo, an industry leading US-based, qualified crypto custodian. Lantern charges 15% of staking rewards, allowing you to keep more of your rewards.

Lantern is the first consumer crypto app to offer USD loans against staked ETH. This revolutionary product allows users to take out loans that pay themselves off (i.e. self-paying loans). When you borrow against your staked crypto, it means you are still earning staking rewards. These staking rewards can be used to offset your loan’s interest payment, creating an automatic, self-repaying loan.

Imagine you bought a house with several bedrooms and decided to live in one of them. Every month you have to pay for the mortgage on the house out of your own pocket. This is like paying for your loan while your assets are unstaked.

Lantern is registered with FinCEN as a Money Services Business (MSB) and has robust KYC and AML processes in place.

Every client has direct access to the Lantern team for support including by telephone.

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Lantern Finance

PH Lantern: (415) 365-0100

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