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RAILGUN – Zero-Knowledge Privacy

Kai is a core contributor to RAILGUN, a DeFi privacy toolkit powering a rich on-chain Zero-Knowledge privacy ecosystem.

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Transactions on public blockchains like Ethereum are viewable on the ledger. Whilst blockchains are a huge technological advancement for financial freedom, they have fundamental shortcomings in protecting the human right of privacy, which is also core to true financial freedom. RAILGUN is a secure and composable private DeFi solution. As a flexible smart contract, RAILGUN achieves higher levels of privacy than other protocols, including dedicated privacy coins and chains.

RAILGUN uses zk-SNARKs to encrypt wallet balances, transaction history, and transaction details so that users can use something like Ethereum with all its benefits (liquidity, dApps, and security) and remain private. With zk-SNARKs, you can prove you have the right to spend tokens (i.e., you have a sufficient balance) completely privately. RAILGUN uses a new kind of wallet technology (called 0zk addresses) with this kind of Zero-Knowledge proving, meaning that assets held in RAILGUN are yours and yours only and can only be spent (and viewed) with your private key.

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