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Portal Foundation – Web3 Gaming For Everyone

Portal Foundation – Web3 Gaming For Everyone

Dan Keene is the Chief Business Officer and on the Founding Team of Portal Foundation. Portal is the universal gaming ecosystem, powered by $Portal. Through market-leading tech products and a world-class network, Portal is bringing blockchain gaming to mainstream audiences.

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Portal is a universal gaming platform with a mission to onboard the first billion gamers into Web3. Portal provides a single, seamless point of entry into blockchain gaming for both Web2 and Web3 gamers, giving games access to millions of gamers worldwide in the process.

The global games market is set to hit US$334.00 billion this year, witnessing extensive growth in game studios and player numbers. While Web3 gaming holds immense disruptive potential, current challenges include player education, onboarding, and distribution. Gamers struggle to transition due to the complexities of multiple chains and tokens, limiting blockchain game developers from reaching the broader traditional gaming community. These are the problems that Portal solves.

Portal is at the forefront of the Web3 gaming revolution, with 180+ games already signed to integrate with the platform in just four months.

This includes Web3 gaming giants such as Star Atlas and Space Nation. Powered by LayerZero, the leading interoperability protocol, Portal enables seamless integration between games on various chains.

The integration allows gamers to access and use $Portal for game assets on Portal – regardless of their Web3 familiarity or the game’s chain.

Portal gives gamers a sleek, intuitive experience of jumping into blockchain games, reminiscent of traditional gaming experiences. The underlying tech and integration of LayerZero mean that Portal can facilitate an entry point for any gamer into any ecosystem or game, effectively making the blockchain aspect of Web3 gaming invisible. This bypasses the large learning curve and multiple steps required for gamers to jump into Web3 gaming, allowing Portal to better cater to traditional gamers looking to enter blockchain gaming.

Portal has also established a distribution partnership with Magic Eden, the leading cross-chain NFT platform, enabling users of Portal to purchase any NFTs using the $Portal token. This makes the token a Magic Eden-verified currency and allows for additional utility. With a shared vision for facilitating seamless, cross-chain interaction for digital assets and gaming, the partnership simplifies the NFT aspect often associated with Web3 gaming. Go to Crystal Dash on the link below to earn Portal Rewards.

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