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Samson Mow on Blockstream, Seetee, Bitcoin Mining, NFTs & Infinite Fleet

Andy is joined by Samson Mow, CSO at Blockstream. Samson discusses the partnership between Blockstream and Seetee, a new Bitcoin company started by a 100-year-old company from Norway. He talks about the drop in hashpower from Chinese miners as American miners increase, and he explains why he thinks Bitcoin will hit $100k in 2021 and could go even as high as $300K leaving $100K as the new price floor.

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Samson Mow

Why you should listen:

Two weeks ago, Aker, a 100-year old Norwegian company announced that it had established ("Seetee"), a new company dedicated to investing in projects throughout the Bitcoin ecosystem. Seetee said, “Bitcoin has inspired us to challenge our intuitive understanding of money. Having followed the cryptocurrency discourse for a while, we decided to reach out to the engineers who made it their mission to change the inner workings of money more than two decades ago. Seetee has formed a partnership with Blockstream, a global leader in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Blockstream’s leadership includes Adam Back, the inventor of Hashcash, a 1997 precursor to Bitcoin. With Blockstream as our partner, we are confident that we can navigate this industry.”

Key Takeaway:

Samson talks Blockstream, Liquid, why NFTs might be in a bubble and he gives the background and progress to Infinite Fleet, the epic sci-fi massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game he founded. Plus listen to the end of the show for a very special sci-fi easter egg!

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