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2203, 2021

Samson Mow on Blockstream, Seetee, Bitcoin Mining, NFTs & Infinite Fleet

|22 Mar 2021|Podcasts|

Andy is joined by Samson Mow, CSO at Blockstream. Samson discusses the partnership between Blockstream and Seetee, a new Bitcoin company started by a 100-year-old company from Norway. He talks about the drop in hashpower from Chinese miners as American miners increase, and he explains why he thinks Bitcoin will hit $100k in 2021 and could go even as high as $300K leaving $100K as the new price floor.

212, 2019

The new Texas gold rush: Bitcoin mining

|2 Dec 2019|News|

China has long dominated the Bitcoin mining industry, but a recent merger between two Western mining companies will make a small area of Texas home to the world's largest Bitcoin mine.

1108, 2019

Iran and Québec embrace Bitcoin mining

|11 Aug 2019|News|

In the latest stage of its transformation from hobbyist activity to professional industry, Bitcoin mining is being embraced by governments as a way to sidestep sanctions and bolster the local economy.

1706, 2019

Bitcoin mining is largely eco-friendly says report

|17 Jun 2019|News|

A report by CoinShares is providing new insight into the state of the bitcoin mining industry. Among one of the most interesting findings in the paper is that the global bitcoin mining sector is largely environmentally friendly due to the widespread use of renewable energy.

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