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1303, 2018

Bank of International settlements warns against central bank cryptos

|13 Mar 2018|News|

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) - or the central banks’ central bank - has warned global central banks they could endanger the stability of the financial system if they create their own digital currency in a bid to quash competition from established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

905, 2017

Hong Kong – Building Trust Using Distributed Ledger Technology

|9 May 2017|Resources|

This paper aims to explain briefly what DLT is, and indicate the technology’s transformative potential, describe what selected overseas jurisdictions have been doing to explore DLT, describe the present state of DLT exploration in Hong Kong, suggest an initial framework for Hong Kong to build up a DLT ecosystem and suggests potential DLT use-cases in Hong Kong for medium-term consideration. The paper takes its lead from the financial services implications of DLT – from which perspective DLT is a dimension of FinTech and also a digital currency. In that sense, blockchain strategy is one element of FinTech strategy. However, DLT has implications far beyond financial services, which the present paper also seeks to address.

2102, 2017

Bank of Canada draws digital currencies lessons from history

|21 Feb 2017|News|

The Canadian Central Bank recently released a [staff working paper]( that examines the period in Canada when both private bank notes and government-issued notes (Dominion notes) were simultaneously in circulation. “Because both of these notes shared many of the characteristics of today's digital currencies,” the report states, “the experience with these notes can be used to draw lessons about how digital currencies might perform.”

502, 2017

Canadian Bank Notes and Dominion Notes: Lessons for Digital Currencies

|5 Feb 2017|Resources|

This paper studies the period in Canada when both private bank notes and government issued notes (Dominion notes) were simultaneously in circulation. Because both of these notes shared many of the characteristics of today's digital currencies, the experience with these notes can be used to draw lessons about how digital currencies might perform. The paper begins with a brief historical review of how these notes came into existence and of the regulations regarding their issuance.

1101, 2017

Impacting With Value: Capture-Translate-Transact-Report – Proof-of-Impact Transaction Platform

|11 Jan 2017|Resources|

Sitting at the cross-over of Fintech Innovation and Social Innovation, this paper represents the best-in-class combination of Blockchain and Social Earning Ratio technologies to provide a radical build on existing well tried and tested platforms. Aimed at all those broadly interested in the impact investment marketplace covering public, private, civil society and community interventions, this is a solution to the current dissatisfaction of a failing marketplace. Grounded in world leading academic research, the Seratio platform is an open source initiative developed irrespective of the impact metric used, and the impact reporting adopted. Several commissions already address significant global issues of SDG, Gender Inequality, Islamic values, Care Givers, Bluelight Services, City solutions, Ethical Leadership, etc. This is a call to collaborate within a not-for-profit framework, taking advantage of the convening power of all those interested in significant structural change.

210, 2016

Vaccinating ourselves from local courts

|2 Oct 2016|News|

A pandemic is plaguing the cryptocurrency industry today, yet most of us don’t yet know we’re infected. These diseases arise from extreme exposure to hundreds of national and local laws, jurisdictions, rules, and unknown legal risks due to engaging in open global systems in a world that is largely still clinging to nation-centric, hyper-local rules and controls.

1904, 2016

In brief: The world’s unbanked and Fintech innovation

|19 Apr 2016|News|

With headlines each week spotlighting millions of dollars in fintech funding, for the development and trialing of cutting-edge technology like the distributed ledger, digital currencies or their deploying platforms, it’s easy to lose sight of the core, perhaps altruistic, driving force of creating technology: advancement.

2001, 2016

Opportunities and risks associated with the advent of digital currency in the Caribbean

|20 Jan 2016|Resources|

This report examines the usage of digital currency technology in the Caribbean subregion with a view to drawing attention to the opportunities and risks associated with this new phenomenon. It discusses the broader context of an emerging activity at the global level and considers how this technology could address subregional deficiencies in the electronic payment infrastructure.

2211, 2015

The world’s top bank weighs in on digital currencies

|22 Nov 2015|News|

The Bank for International Settlements is the central bank to the world’s central banks, and until now they have been quiet on the subject of Bitcoin. Today their opinion on the matter is revealed with the release of their own report.

1009, 2015

ScotPound – digital money for the common good

|10 Sep 2015|Resources|

This report outlines the creation of a new national digital currency, ScotPound , and free-at-point-of-use payment system, ScotPay, for Scotland. Our proposals draw on over two decades of research into top-down reform of existing national currency systems and bottom-up local and complementary currencies.

2108, 2015

HackCoin: A Digital Currency And Blockchain Hackathon

|21 Aug 2015|News|

[HackCoin]( is an international digital currency and blockchain hackathon organized by HackCoin Ltd. It welcomes hackers and developers to participate in its hackathon events and test out their most creative ideas in digital currency fintech.

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