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Hard Fork

504, 2018

Is Monero forking? It depends who you ask…

|5 Apr 2018|News|

The Monero network is about to upgrade at a time when the threat of a hostile takeover for any cryptocurrency is very real — but seldom discussed to the extent that it warrants. Coins with multi-billion dollar market caps are curiously unprotected from hijack. Sure, a crypto blockchain can't be hacked — but a crypto brand? Now that's a different story

911, 2017

Segwit2x hard fork abandoned — what happened and why

|9 Nov 2017|News|

Bitcoin price reached a record high on Wednesday, as news broke that the Segwit2x hardfork had been cancelled. The highly contentious hardfork, which was considered an upgrade to Bitcoin, would have increased the base block size to 2MB and was the second part of the New York Agreement (NYA) scaling plan.

611, 2017

What is Bitcoin in the light of hard forks?

|6 Nov 2017|News|

This year has been one of the more controversial years for Bitcoin thus far. We have already seen a number of important forks happen - SegWit, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, and we're scheduled to witness some other forks soon - Bitcoin Cash doing a hard fork, SegWit2x looming ever closer, and we might even see some emergency PoW change hardfork in response to SegWit2x. Amidst all of that, many people are asking themselves, debating and fighting over an important question - "What is Bitcoin?" (that iconic question).

2510, 2017

Segwit2X — Forked from the get-go?

|25 Oct 2017|News|

Announced on May 23rd, The New York Agreement (NYA) is the contract between the Bitcoin miners who represent the majority of Bitcoin’s hashing power, and a group of over 50 other businesses, to implement the Bitcoin software upgrade Segwit2x. While it’s no secret that the NYA isn’t loved by everyone in the Bitcoin community, a series of events on October 24th left many wondering if the agreement might unravel entirely —  leaving the project with no path forward to achieve its goal of upgrading Bitcoin and increasing its block size.

1910, 2017

A Bitcoin hardfork — the basics explained

|19 Oct 2017|News|

As controversy and infighting continue around Bitcoin’s looming hardfork, some clarity about what exactly a hardfork is should go some way towards calming investor fears. To explain a hardfork, let me use an analogy: imagine a group of miners (nodes/ computers) are digging a tunnel (blockchain).

308, 2016

Contentious Bitcoin fork WILL create a split

|3 Aug 2016|News|

The Bitcoin community has debated a potential hardfork to Bitcoin for over a year now. There have been various solutions proposed to change the hard cap on block size and increase the amount of transactions that can go into any single block.

1806, 2015

Bitcoins new block size limit solidifying at 8 megabytes

|18 Jun 2015|News|

The seemingly endless argument among Bitcoin developers about how to scale up the blockchain for more transactions has just passed a major milestone when the Chinese mining pools stepped up to dictate the new size of the Bitcoin block size limit.

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