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2105, 2020

Atari partners with the Litecoin Foundation

|21 May 2020|News|

The well-recognized brand and entertainment producer, Atari, has announced a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation, the non-profit organization formed to promote the awareness and adoption of the decentralized cryptocurrency, Litecoin (LTC).

1601, 2020

Litecoin Price Analysis – Bullish trend on the horizon

|16 Jan 2020|Price Analysis|

Technicals for the LTC/USD pair have flipped neutral for the first time since July 2019. Trend metrics including the 200-day EMA and Cloud show the possibility for an imminent bullish reversal. Significant near term support sits between US$50 to US$60, based on the historic volume profile.

1412, 2019

Litecoin Price Analysis – A rare protocol upgrade

|14 Dec 2019|Price Analysis|

Developer activity on the main Github repo has been nearly non-existent over the past year, although a Litecoin Improvement Protocol for Extension Blocks and MimbleWimble was recently released. Together, these changes would allow for a soft fork enabling private transactions and increased coin fungibility.

2908, 2019

Crypto’s fungibility problem

|29 Aug 2019|News|

The FATF's new ‘Travel Rule’ has resurfaced old concerns about the fungibility of digital assets backed by open, decentralized blockchain networks.

1608, 2019

Digital silver under attack

|16 Aug 2019|News|

Litecoin's recent halving was a big day on the crypto calendar, but the event has only served to put the coin under scrutiny after private chats were leaked suggesting that development progress has stalled.

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