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1812, 2018

Litecoin Price Analysis – waning bear trend

|18 Dec 2018|Price Analysis|

Despite its recent price bump Litecoin's year-long downtrend shows few signs of abating as fundamental signals in dev activity and transactions remain depressed. However, technical bearish price momentum is waning and the high short interest on Bitfinex could set it up for a short squeeze if price mean reverts.

208, 2018

Litecoin Price Analysis – There might be blood

|2 Aug 2018|Price Analysis|

LTC continues to quietly work as a fast and cheap medium of exchange. However, volatility suggests LTC is far from being a stable store of value or unit of account. Continued LTC adoption announcements for both trading and utility will likely have a lagging bullish effect throughout the remainder of the year.

1402, 2018

Litecoin Price Analysis – Sails strong but an ill wind blows

|14 Feb 2018|Price Analysis|

Litecoin (LTC) is up over 100% since February 2nd. The market cap now stands at US$11.7 billion, with US$2.33 billion traded over the past 24 hours.LTC has consistent block times near 2.5 minutes, with very few unconfirmed transactions, and transactions per day have decreased sharply recently. The network value to estimated on-chain daily transactions (NVT) ratio has therefore reached historic lows.

1212, 2017

Litecoin Price Analysis – Speculation kicks in

|12 Dec 2017|Price Analysis|

After making a break for the county line known as the US$100 psychological level, the litecoin (LTC)  rocket ship has officially blasted off into outer orbit, leaving the trappings of gravity behind. Now holding a US$17.77 billion market cap, with US$8.36 billion trading volume in the last 24 hours, LTC is up 10,000% from the low posted in March 2017.

1010, 2017

Litecoin Price Analysis – Bull trend losing steam

|10 Oct 2017|Price Analysis|

Litecoin (LTC) now has a market cap of US$2.68 billion, up from US$206 million in April of this year. After posting a new all time high in the beginning of September, the market has retraced and largely trended sideways.Litecoin hash rate and difficulty continue to rise steadily on the SegWit enabled network. The Litecoin block reward is due to halve around August 2019. LTC transfers about a tenth of the transactions processed by either Bitcoin (BTC) or ETH per day.

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