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505, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: 4th May

|5 May 2020|News|

The Cryptographic asset markets built on short-term built market gains over the last week. A number of large-cap assets including Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP (XRP) enjoyed double-digit gains. Positive macro headwinds were driven by the announcement of new VC crypto funds and the upcoming Bitcoin block reward halving.

2904, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: 27th April

|29 Apr 2020|News|

Cryptographic asset markets continue to experience positive price and fundamental headwinds in the short term. A number of large-cap assets including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) enjoyed double-digit gains.

2104, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: 20th April

|21 Apr 2020|News|

Crypto assets enjoyed healthy price and fundamental gains over the course of last week. Leading platform blockchain (ETH) was a top-performing asset, benefiting from being the host of many top stablecoins that are enjoying a surge in demand.

1504, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: 13th April

|15 Apr 2020|News|

Crypto assets pulled back last week, disrupting a multi-week positive price rally. Despite the bearish price activity, a number of signals suggest crypto assets may succeed in the short run as a digital alternative to traditional markets that are more directly affected by COVID-19 policy measures and responses.

704, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: 6th April

|7 Apr 2020|News|

Crypto assets continued a mini recovery this week. Large-cap assets enjoyed double-digit gains and a number of exchanges have reported a boost in new signups and KYC verifications. Bitcoin may be enjoying a boost as traditional markets and central banks continue to buffeted by the COVID-19 economic crisis.

3103, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: 30th March

|31 Mar 2020|News|

Large-cap crypto assets continued on their path following last week's. The entire may receive some positive macro headwinds following the strong push last week to include a digital US dollar as part of the ongoing US stimulus package designed to combat the economic consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak.

2403, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: 23rd March

|24 Mar 2020|News|

Large-cap crypto assets enjoyed a relief pump last week providing some short-lived solace for bulls following weeks of heavy sell-offs. With traditional markets opening to strong bearish sentiment following a delay in the U.S. federal stimulus package, crypto traders should expect more price volatility in the coming weeks.

1703, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: 16th March

|17 Mar 2020|News|

The crypto markets experienced a turbulent week of sell-offs that will go down as one of the darkest weeks in history as COVID-19 sank markets across the world. Both crypto spot and derivative platforms struggled to manage the volatile trading activity on Thursday. Some exchanges were forced to trigger emergency shutdowns to meet short term liquidity and capacity requirements.

1003, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: 9th March

|10 Mar 2020|News|

The digital asset markets traded red again this week following heavy market wide sell-offs as COVID-19 bearishness continues. The fundamental picture remains positive for now, however, with Bitcoin's hashrate hitting an all time as mining interest surges in the lead up to the May 2020 block reward halving.

303, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: 2nd March

|3 Mar 2020|News|

The last week has been a difficult one for all global financial markets as uncertainty around the impact of the coronavirus continues to create havoc. In the short term many participants have moved to cash positions as they watch to see what the market will do next.

2502, 2020

Crypto market forecast: 24th February

|25 Feb 2020|News|

It was an up and down week for digital assets, with the price of both Bitcoin and altcoins bouncing sharply on Wednesday and Thursday. Some assets like ETH and XTZ, however, were able to navigate the midweek sell-off and keep their bull trends intact.

1802, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: 17th February

|18 Feb 2020|News|

It was a week of varying fortunes for tokens in the digital asset markets. While Bitcoin and a number of altcoin markets dumped over the weekend, assets like ETH and XTZ resisted sell pressure and continued to build on a strong macro bull trend that has been active since the start of the year.

1102, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: 10th February

|11 Feb 2020|News|

It was an extremely bullish week for the crypto markets with BTC up over 7% - easily pushing through the key US$9500 and US$10,000 price levels. The week was even more bullish for XTZ - up over 35% and touching new all-time highs for its USD trading pair on multiple exchanges.

402, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: February 3rd

|4 Feb 2020|News|

It was an excellent trading week for the crypto asset markets, with most large-cap assets growing by double digits or more. Legacy finance markets such as the Dow Jones, however, struggled with the Coronavirus creating concerns around the stability of the China's economy and the global supply chain.

2901, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: January 28th

|29 Jan 2020|News|

It has been a generally bullish week in digital asset markets marked by a period of strong positive price over the weekend. Not all assets were winners, however, the price of large cap asset XRP fell despite some discussion of a potential Ripple IPO at the recent Davos 2020 summit. Bearish fundamentals continue to be a medium term challenge for the asset.

2101, 2020

Crypto Market Forecast: January 20th

|21 Jan 2020|News|

Most digital assets enjoyed strong gains this week despite a sharp market wide sell off towards the end of the week. Many altcoins including Bitcoin SV, Dash, and Zcash hit new 2020 highs and experienced one day gains reminiscent of the 2017 bull market.

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