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2901, 2024

2023 Sets Record For Anti-Crypto Enforcement By SEC

|29 Jan 2024|News|

A report released by litigation consulting firm Cornerstone Research found that the USA’s top securities watchdog, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) brought a total of 46 cryptocurrency-related enforcement cases in 2023.

3103, 2023

Regulatory Pressure Heats Up – Crypto In the Firing Line

|31 Mar 2023|News|

The U.S. is continuing to ramp up the regulatory pressure on crypto assets. With multiple lawsuits, conflicting definitions of digital assets from different agencies, and a new anti-crypto campaign led by Elizabeth Warren, what is the future of crypto in the U.S.?

1110, 2022

When #ad Is Not Enough

|11 Oct 2022|News|

Kim Kardashian has recently joined the parade of celebrities targeted by financial regulators worldwide for their crypto endorsements. Here, IP attorneys Bryan Sterba and Matthew Savare explain what’s required to stay on the right side of the law when you’re being paid to shill crypto.

2202, 2022

Nexo Stops Offering Earn Product to New U.S. Customers

|22 Feb 2022|News|

In the wake of the recent $100 million BlockFi settlement with the SEC, and as the wider crypto-lending sector considers how to respond, Nexo has moved quickly - announcing it will no longer offer interest-bearing accounts for new U.S. customers.

1801, 2020

SEC issues IEO investor alert

|18 Jan 2020|News|

The SEC issued an investor alert this week urging investors to use caution before investing in initial exchange offerings or IEOs.

1101, 2020

Telegram’s rocky road to TON launch date

|11 Jan 2020|News|

In 2018, Telegram conducted an ICO that reportedly raised $1.7 billion dollars. The private token sale involved the sale of GRAM tokens through SAFT agreements to accredited and institutional investors. The SEC deems the ICO a sale of unregistered securities.

1410, 2019

SEC halts Telegram token sale, labels ‘Grams’ as securities

|14 Oct 2019|News|

The SEC has taken abrupt action to halt the Telegram token sale just weeks before the company planned to launch its ‘Gram’ token. The crowdsale, which raised over $1.7 billion from institutional and accredited investors in the form of SAFT agreements, may have constituted the sale of an unregistered digital token offering.

210, 2019 settles with the SEC

|2 Oct 2019|News| has been fined $26 million by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over its unregistered 2017 Initial Coin Offering. The fine is being interpreted as sending a mixed signal.

2509, 2019

Is a Bitcoin ETF off the table for 2019?

|25 Sep 2019|News|

In a presentation to the SEC last week, Bitwise made a last-ditch effort to gain approval of its Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). But with the withdrawal of the Van Eck Solid X ETF proposal, the chances of the Bitwise ETF being approved appear slim.

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