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2302, 2020

Bitcoin pulls back as the threat of US regulations looms

|23 Feb 2020|News|

Bitcoin has pulled back from its 2020 high of $10,460 to a seven-day low of $9,517. Is this a healthy pullback or has the market reacted to news that US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says “significant” new crypto regulations are in the works?

2102, 2020

Trump budget puts crypto in secret service crosshairs

|21 Feb 2020|News|

To step up action against financial crime, the White House wants to bring the U.S. Secret Service—the agency tasked with protecting the nation’s leaders and safeguarding its financial system—back to its original home in the Treasury Department.

1201, 2020

The stablecoin regulation landscape for 2020

|12 Jan 2020|News|

With the announcement of the proposed Libra digital currency in 2019, even skeptical officials were forced to accept that crypto assets are here to stay. Stablecoins are seen as a priority for 2020, with national and global regulators publishing a variety of stablecoin research across the last 12 months.

1807, 2019

Crypto dip follows political pushback against Facebook’s Libra

|18 Jul 2019|News|

David Marcus, head of Calibra, was grilled at a Senate Banking Committee hearing yesterday following pushback against the Libra from both sides of the political aisle. The market responded with a sharp sell-off, with BTC dropping below $10,000. Is the US turning bearish on crypto?

2903, 2014

Virtual Currencies: Emerging Regulatory,Law Enforcement,and Consumer Protection Challenges

|29 Mar 2014|Resources|

This report discusses federal financial regulatory and law enforcement agency responsibilities related to the use of virtual currencies and associated challenges and actions and collaborative efforts the agencies have undertaken regarding virtual currencies. To address these objectives, GAO reviewed federal laws and regulations, academic and industry research, and agency documents; and interviewed federal agency officials, researchers, and industry groups.

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