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2306, 2020

Tezos Price Analysis – Technicals turn neutral despite continued and sustained on-chain activity

|23 Jun 2020|Price Analysis|

Tezos (XTZ) is a decentralized smart contract and application network, with an on-chain governance layer designed to enable efficient network upgrades and provide a transparent stakeholder community. The asset is currently 11th on the BraveNewCoin market cap table, with a market cap of US$1.6 billion, and US$36 million in trade volume over the past 24 hours.

1912, 2019

Tezos Price Analysis – Limited upside potential

|19 Dec 2019|Price Analysis|

As most exchanges have both listed XTZ and announced staking support, further upside may be limited until additional fundamental events can fuel speculation to a new all-time high. Currently, just over 10% of the XTZ circulating supply is held by exchange bakeries.

1212, 2019

Ledger Live adds staking and Tezos support

|12 Dec 2019|News|

Ledger, a pioneer in security and infrastructure solutions for digital assets and blockchain applications has announced it will add support for Tezos staking.

2607, 2019

Tezos Price Analysis: Security token deals highlight Q3 2019

|26 Jul 2019|Price Analysis|

The XTZ token has performed well in 2019. Strong fundamental signals include the soon to be completed community-backed protocol amendment, inclusion within the Coinbase Custody platform, and recent deals with security token projects. These have helped support price gains of ~125% year-to-date. Technicals for the project lean bearish, however, and other fundamental concerns may effect the project's value in the medium term.

2205, 2019

Tezos Price Analysis: Blockchain project grows in 2019

|22 May 2019|Price Analysis|

The XTZ token has been one of the best performing altcoins in Q2 2019, driven by strong fundamental indicators such as the soon to be completed first community-backed formalized protocol amendment, and inclusion at Coinbase Custody. The Tezos blockchain, however, remains an immature project, and is rarely used as a platform blockchain.

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