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Using Blockchain Explorers and the NEAR Protocol API

Blockchain explorer is a very simple and yet powerful tool for crypto enthusiasts, traders, and developers. Not the one to underestimate. Read on for more.

Decentralization of every sphere of our lives seems to be an imminent trend embracing the world right now. What it also means is that data is open and accessible to everyone. Blockchain explorer delivers just that and that’s why it’s worth every crypto user’s close attention. Now, let’s learn how to use them for every need, discover Near Protocol using this tool and Near API provided by GetBlock.

Blockchain Explorer in Bullet Points

A tool that represents complex information about the chain in an organized human-readable format is called block or blockchain explorer. It is basically a window to the network’s inner workings.

  1. One of the fundamental principles of blockchain is that every scrap of data ever hitting the chain is publicly available to anyone;

  2. Block Explorer is a free and accessible way of reading this data without the need to get too technical about how cryptocurrencies work;

  3. It real-time tracks the state of the chain and shows every significant piece of information for a particular network: analytical insights, transaction details, addresses, smart contracts, and even account balances;

  4. Explorer devs often share APIs to use their database for development purposes, for instance, GetBlock provides simple Near API used to interact with the network.

What is a blockchain explorer?

Blockchain is the source of truth since the database it creates is confirmed by thousands of independent computers – nodes that secure any decentralized P2P network. You need to get consensus from all these computers to mark the transaction as validated so afterward it lands on-chain and is kept there forever, with no possibility to alter any bits of data.

In essence, block explorer is an interactive website or application that serves as an interface for accessing this information. They dig up terabytes of raw data stored on blockchain nodes and transform it into a neatly organized data bank as in the example below:
Near Protocol Pic1Image by GetBlock

Every network has one or multiple websites, devoted exclusively to displaying data related to this chain. In the case of the NEAR explorer, it will gather all the details concerning theis specific protocol. There are also services that go multi-chain and accumulate signals from several chains.

Different websites may choose to showcase various types of data to a different extent. As a rule, you are most certain to find the following information:

• Mining or staking details depending on the network architecture as well as actual fees and fee history;
• List of transactions and all there’s to know about every transaction;
• Some insights into addresses;
• Performance metrics,

and the list goes on.

A look into NEAR Explorer

GetBlock is a top-tier RPC endpoint provider, giving Web3 developers access to over 50 protocols from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Base networks for connecting them to Web3 applications via private APIs.

Having direct access to nodes gives GetBlock the advantage of providing the latest and freshest data. The blockchain explorer rolled out in partnership with Near Protocol is a logical extension of the platform’s services.

How to navigate Near

Head to GetBlock’s website to access the explorer. From there, you’ll see a dashboard with all the essential stats for the chain: price action, transaction history, validator activity, and information by block.

To get a more in-depth view of validators, blocks, accounts, and transactions, navigate the left bar menu or use a search bar to provide the data you already have to seek out all the related information.

Apart from that, you’ll notice the “API” section among other items on the menu. Developers can interact with public Near API, delivering data directly from the network node.

Use cases

Don’t trust, verify: Regular crypto users may find it useful to track down the status of their transactions to ensure it successfully lends on chain and get a “checkout” for a transfer;

Develop: Near API will be a handy tool for knowledgeable users to get the most of the blockchain data for testing and development purposes.

Analyze: developers or traders will enjoy insightful statistics on overall state of NEAR to inspect the health of the chain and make relevant decisions;

Educate: Surfing the explorer is a great way to learn more about how the technology works in general and what processes happen inside;

Near Protocol Pic2

Closing thoughts

Explorers promote transparency for the blockchain in every possible manner. Aside from being a source of reliable data, it is a handy tool for every crypto user to keep track of activities inside any chain.


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