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Bitcoin Price Analysis

2911, 2022

It’s Not Over Yet – 4 Bearish Bitcoin Price Signals

|29 Nov 2022|News|

As the chaos continues in crypto markets, careful evaluation of technical indicators can provide actionable insights for traders who want to filter the noise. Here we profile four important indicators and the story they’re telling about the near term BTC price.

1707, 2020

Bitcoin Price Analysis – Technicals show potential for 21% decline in coming weeks

|17 Jul 2020|Price Analysis|

Technicals for BTC/USD reveal a bullish trend shift with the current spot price above both the 200-day EMA and the Cloud. US$8,100 is a key support level, along with the Cloud and Kijun at US$7,200. Overhead resistance stands at the yearly pivot of US$13,000. Over the next few weeks, a bearish edge-to-edge trade on the daily Cloud may trigger, with a price target of US$7,200.

3107, 2018

EOS Price Analysis – Death Cross

|31 Jul 2018|Price Analysis|

EOS is in the early stages of determining how the network will handle decentralization, scalability, and security. Despite having several issues the network has remained robust, able to handle any challenge, and correct course. A swift response to the seemingly unforeseen RAM price spike, which will be seen as a threat to scalability, appears to be a product of a new platforms inherent centralization.

2406, 2018

Bitcoin Price Analysis – Still Bleeding

|24 Jun 2018|Price Analysis|

Fundamentals continue to show a maturing network with increasing use of batching and SegWit adoption, which add downward pressure on transaction fees. These changes will be essential for scaling when on-chain transactions begin to increase.

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